Hillary as VP?

I’ve wondered for a long time whether Hillary would be tapped as Obama’s vice president for his reelection campaign. And with women’s health issues taking a front-seat of the political stage recently, it’s making even more sense.

First off, Biden doesn’t really help Obama any more. Let’s be honest and accept that in 2008 Obama needed an old white guy to stand next to while running for president, to ease the concerns of people who, consciously or subconsciously, had a problem voting for a black guy. And it probably helped at the time. But now that Obama has an actual term as president under his belt, standing next to Biden isn’t going to change the minds of people like that any more. They’re either comfortable with a president that’s black to the point where they can judge him on his record, or they’re not.

So after helping Obama get elected, what has Biden done during this term? While I can’t say I’ve been going out of my way to pay attention to Biden’s accomplishments over the past 3+ years, it’s still the case that nothing notable comes to mind. At least nothing that doesn’t involve the words “big fucking deal.”

Now thinking on a longer time frame for the Democrats, and assuming Obama wins reelection, do they want Biden to be the heir apparent in 2016? I can’t imagine that’s the case. He is not an exciting candidate, I don’t think he’s any more palatable now than he was in 2008, and I don’t think he’ll be any better in 2016.

So Biden’s replaceable. It’s rare for a president to switch running mates after their first term, but it’s not unheard of. Looking at the list of vice presidents on Wikipedia, it’s happened a handful of times for various reasons.

As for Hillary being a good choice for Vice President, I think it’s pretty easy to make the case. A resume as first lady, senator, viable presidential candidate, and now secretary of state, is undeniably powerful. Extend that to 2016 and she could add being Vice President to the list.